Friday Jukebox: Shape of My Heart (Sting)

For this week's Friday Jukebox, I decided to step into the way-back machine.  And yes, I picked this song partly because he's singing about clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds - but it's always been one of my favorites.

Sadly (or happily, depending on your point of view), this song was recorded in the days before every single that was sent to the radio stations got the "full" treatment on video.  Some, like this one, were mostly shots of the performer sitting with the band, and singing.  The imagery in the lyrics could have been translated into some amazing visuals, I think - more than just a few random (lovely, but random) shots of the English countryside). And I always pictured Sting playing the lonely card player he's singing about here.  But watching Sting simply play a guitar and sing is never a bad thing either.

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