Friday Jukebox: I Wrote the Book (Beth Ditto)

"Friday Jukebox" is a fun thing I like to do when there's a song - new or old - that I'd like to "spin" ... I'm not promising that there'll be a song here every Friday, but it's a fun little tradition I'd like to pick back up again.

Most of the songs are likely to be older rather than newer.  But I thought I'd start things off by at least pretending to be current.  This song was the free download of the week last week on iTunes, and since I'm a fan of Beth Ditto, I thought I'd grab it.  I was surprised that it was so reminiscent of '80s disco, and not the rockin' stuff she sings as frontwoman of The Gossip.  But I immediately liked it - I think mostly I just like her.  And yes, if I'm honest, part of it is that I admire her chutzpah.  She's a big girl, she owns it, and she's sexy as hell - more because of it than in spite of it.

And yes, I realize the whole black-and-white, hotel room with a slutty vibe thing is totally "Justify My Love," I prefer to think of it as an homage rather than a rip-off.  Discuss.

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